The Jackal in The Lion's Family #Inspirational Moral Stories

The Jackal in The Lion's Family #Inspirational Moral Stories

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117. The Jackal in The Lion's Family

Once a lion and a lioness lived in the forest with their twin cubs. One day, the lion went to hunt for food but he didn't get anything. After wandering too long he found a jackal cub and brought him home. The lion said, “Today our cubs will eat the jackal cub as meal.” Then the lioness disagreed to be so cruel and decided to bring it up as their son. So it came to be that the baby jackal stayed with the lion's family and grew into a young and healthy jackal. One day when out for their hunt the three encountered a mad elephant. The lion cubs, fearless as they were, approached the wild beast to kill it but the jackal said to them, “No brothers, do not go near him, for elephants are our enemy. You will be killed.” Hearing this the valiant lion cubs lost courage and shrank back. At home they narrated the incident to the lioness who said, “You are still a jackal. Go away and join other jackals before it's too late.”

Moral: A jackal remains a jackal.

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