The Eagle in the Hen's Nest #Inspirational Moral Stories

The Eagle in the Hen's Nest #Inspirational Moral Stories

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118. The Eagle in the Hen's Nest

Once, an eagle had laid some eggs on a tree. Under the same tree a hen had laid eggs during the same period. One day, while the eagle had gone hunting, a bear climbed up the tree to eat the eagle's eggs. Hardly had the bear finished three of the eggs when the fourth one slipped off its hands and fell into the hen's nest. The hen which lived under the tree saw the eagle's egg by the side of her eggs. She felt pity on the eagle's egg, and decided to hatch it too. Soon the chicks began to grow. The chicks and the eaglet played together. Within no time the hen's chicks with the eagle's chick grew up. The eagle's chick never realized that it was an eagle and not a hen. Considering it a hen, the eagle ate the hen’s food, walked and ran like other hens and made sounds like hens. The eagle never learnt to fly like other eagles and lived its whole life like a hen only.

Moral: Company makes you the same as they are.

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