Work is Worship #Inspirational Moral Stories

Work is Worship #Inspirational Moral Stories

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120. Work is Worship

There lived a man named Kranti who was well versed in making arrows. Whenever anybody saw his arrows, he never became tired to appreciate him. Once he was busy in making arrows. A procession of a rich person passed from there with lots of noise. He was so busy that his mind didn't distract from his work and he kept making the arrows. After sometime a saint passed from there. Till then Kranti had completed his work. The saint asked him, “Had you seen the procession of a rich man. How much time has passed after that procession?” Then Kranti said sorry to the saint and said he was too busy in making arrows so he couldn't see the procession. The saint replied that even if you were present, you didn't hear the sound of clarinets and drums. Then the man replied, “My work is worship for me. Whenever I do my work, I forget all things” These sentences made the saint to touch the feet of Kranti. The saint observed and said, “I will also try to do my work with full dedication.”

Moral: One's work should be one's only worship.

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