The Extravagant Wife (story aur choti) #Inspirational Moral Stories

The Extravagant Wife (story aur choti) #Inspirational Moral Stories

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119. The Extravagant Wife (story aur choti)

Once, a poor farmer had a young and beautiful wife. The wife was very extravagant. So they fought usually. One day the poor man's wife eloped with another man who pretended to be rich. The man was acutally a rogul who ran away with her jewellery. Just then a jackal came to the river bank with a large chunk of meat in his mouth. A hawk promptly swooped on the meat and flew away. The hawk's movement alerted the fish in the water and it too fled to the river bed. Thus, the jackal was left with nothing to eat. Seeing this the young wife laughed and said, “You fool, now you have neither the fish nor the meat to fill your hungry stomach.” At this the Jackal sneered at the young woman and said, “You have lost your husband, your lover and your money. No one is so pitiable as you.”

Moral: Desire for more may let you lose what you possess.

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