102. The Master #Inspirational Moral Stories

102. The Master #Inspirational Moral Stories

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102. The Master #Inspirational Moral Stories

Augusta was interested in learning martial arts. She went to a Master of Karate and said, "I want to learn Karate. Please teach me." The Master told Augusta, "I will certainly teach you but on one condition." "What is that?" asked Augusta. "You will have to stand on a busy street for a month and tell each passer by that he or she is a coward. At the end of a month, “I will begin teaching you." Augusta was shocked. But she agreed. She went to a busy street. Every time she started to speak, she would break out in a sweat. She was consumed with fear. But she did not give up. She obeyed the Master and, each time she spoke, her confidence grew. At the end of a month, the Master said, "Cowardice is just a habit. When fear retreats, it is replaced by bravery." The Master accepted Augusta as his student.   

Moral of the Story: Overcoming fear is the first step towards gaining courage and self-confidence.

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