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There is another thing I would like to mention, which is, speaking of others with too great familiarity. Shall we not speak of our friend as Brother Joseph Hall instead of Jo Hall, especially as the gentleman is one of your Ward Teachers? Remember him as an officer in the church of which you are a member. Strive to emulate the calling and mission of the Teachers, guardians of peace and guides to truth. Well, if you think "that's as good as a motto," write it on your book-mark, for it is true. The Teachers have your welfare more closely in view than even your Bishop. Their frequent visits have given them an insight into your heart; they know your life and circumstances. In sickness they are to be depended upon for consolation and spiritual aid ; you can go to them for counsel, for advice in worldly matters, and if you are in sorrow you can confide in them. You may think their office a small one, but I can tell you the Teachers of the Ward are like the index to the book ; go to them for what you want to find. Boys, you can never become a Bishop, President of a Stake, or attain to any other high calling until you have qualified yourselves as Teachers. Therefore, honor them and strive to win and keep their confidence.

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