List of important committees and commissions in India - A to Z 2512


List of important committees and commissions in India

 1. Abhijeet Sen Committee (2002): Long-term food policy
 2. Abid Hussain Committee: On Small Scale Industries
 3. Ajit Kumar Committee: Army Pay Scale
 4. Athareya Committee: Reorganization of IDBI
 5. Basel Committee: Banking Supervision
 6. Bhurelal Committee: Increase in Motor Vehicle Tax
 7. Bimal Jalan Committee: Report on the functioning of Capital Market Infrastructure Institutions (MII)
 8. Bimal Jalan Committee (2018): To review the capital reserves held by RBI
 9. C. Babu Rajiv Committee: Reform in Ship Act 1908 and Ship Trust Act 1963
 10. C. Rangarajan Committee (2012): For Determination of Poverty Line
 11. Chandra Shekhar Committee: Venture Capital
 12. Chandratre Committee Report (1997): Security Analysis and Investment Management
 13. K.B.  Core Committee: To review the operation of cash credit system
 14. Dave Committee (2000): Pension Scheme for Unorganized Sector
 15. Deepak Parekh Committee: Arrangement of finance for infrastructure through PPP model
 16. Suma Verma Committee (2006): Banking Ombudsman
 17. G.  V. Ramakrishna Committee: On Disinvestment
 18. Goiporia Committee: Improvement in Customer Service in Primary (Urban) Co-operative Banks
 19. Hanumantha Rao Committee: Fertilizers
 20. J.  R.  Varma Committee: Current Account Carry Forward Practice List of the 25 highest weapon countries in the world
 21. Janakiraman Committee: Securities Transactions
 22. J.  J.  Iranian Committee: Company Law Reforms
 23. K.  C. Chakraborty Committee: To analyze the financial situation of Regional Rural Banks in India
 24. K.  Kasturirangan (2017): To draft the National Education Policy
 25. Kelkar Committee (2002): Tax Structure Reforms
 26. Kothari Commission (1964): To examine all aspects of the educational sector in India
 27. Khan Working Group: Finance Development Institute
 28. Khusro Committee: Agricultural Credit System
 29. Kumaramangalam Birla Report: Corporate Governance
 30. MB Shah Committee: To Investigate Black Money Stored Abroad
 31. Mahajan Committee (1997): Sugar Industry
 32. Malegam Committee: Reforms in Primary Market and Restructuring of UTI
 33. Malhotra Committee: Comprehensive Framework of Insurance Sector
 34. Marathe Committee: Removing Obstacles in Development of Urban Co-operative Banks
 35. Mashelkar Committee (2002): Auto Fuel Policy
 36. McKinsey Report: Merger of 7 Associate Banks with SBI
 37. Meera Seth Committee: Development of Handlooms
 38. Nachiket Mor Committee: Connecting Small Businesses and Low Income Families to Financial Services
 39. Narasimhan Committee (1991): Banking Sector Reforms
 40. N.N.  Vohra Committee (1993): To investigate the relationship between organized criminals, mafia and politicians
 41. Parekh Committee: Infrastructure Financing
 42. Percy Mistry Committee: Making Mumbai an International Financial Center
 43. P.J.  Nayak Committee: Examining the criteria for evaluating the governance of the board of banks and selecting directors, as well as their tenure.
 44. Prasad Panel: International Trade and Services
 45. Radha Krishnan Commission (1948): Establishment of University Grants Commission
 46.   R.  V. Gupta Committee: Small Savings
 47. Raja Chelya Committee: Tax Reforms
 48. Rekhi Committee: Indirect Taxes
 49. R.V.  Gupta Committee: Agricultural Credit
 50. Sarkaria Commission: Center-State Relations
 51. K.  Santhanam Committee: Establishment of CBI
 52. S.  P. Talwar Committee: Reorganization of Weak Public Sector Bank
 53. Suresh Tendulkar Committee: Redefining Poverty Line and its calculation formula
 54. Sapta Rishi Committee (July 2002): Development of domestic tea industry
 55. Shah Committee: Reforms Related to Non-Banking Financial Companies (NFBCs)
 56. Sivaraman Committee (1979): Establishment of NABARD
 57. SN  Verma Committee (1999): Reorganization of Commercial Banks
 58. Swaminathan Commission (2004): To find out the problems faced by farmers
 59. Sukhmay Chakraborty Committee (1982): To assess the functioning of the Indian monetary system
 60. Tandon Committee: System of financing working capital by banks.
 61. Tarapore Committee (1997): Report on Capital Account Convertibility
 62. Udesh Kohli Committee: Analysis of Fund Requirement in Power Sector
 63. U.K.  Sharma Committee: Role of NABARD in RRB
 64. Waghul Committee: Money Market in India
 65. Vasudev Committee: Reforms in NBFC Sector
 66. Y.  B.  Reddy Committee (2001): Review of Income Tax Exemption
 67. Justice A.K.  Mathur Commission: 7th Pay Commission
 68. Balwantrai Mehta Committee (1957): Panchayati Raj Institutions

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