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World History Q & A

World History Q & A
 1. What was the main cause of the First World War-

 Ans.  Assassination of Prince Ferdinand of Austria

 2. Who was the President of America at the time of World War I

 Ans.  Woodrow Wilson

 3. When did the first world war end

 Ans.  November 11, 1918 AD

 4. When did the Moroccan crisis arise?

 Ans.  1905 AD

 5. When did the Treaty of Versailles take place

 Ans.  28 Janu, 1919 AD

 6. With whom did the Treaty of Versailles

 Ans.  Germany

 7. How many nations participated in World War I

 Ans.  37

 8. Who is believed to be the father of secret treaty system

 Ans.  To Bismarck

 9. When was the threesome formed between Austria, Germany and Italy?

 Ans.  In 1882

 10. During World War I, Germany attacked which nation in 1914 AD

 Ans.  Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Russia

 11. At what time did America join World War I

 Ans.  On April 6, 1917

 12. How long was the Paris Peace Conference held
 Ans.  January 18, 1919 to January 21, 1920

 13. When was the League of Nations established

 Ans.  1920 A.D.

 14. When did World War II begin

 Ans.  September 1, 1939 AD

 15. When World War II ended

 Ans.  September 2, 1945 AD

 16. What was the then cause of World War II

 Ans.  Germany invades Poland

 17. When was the Munich Pact

 Ans.  29 September 1938

 18. When was the first major violation of the Treaty of Versailles by Germany?

 Ans.  1935 AD

 19. The treaty of Versailles is known by what other name

 Ans.  Charged treaty

 20. When did America participate in World War II

 Ans.  December 8, 1941 AD

 21. In which two cities of Japan did the US drop the atomic bomb

 Ans.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki

 22. When was the first atomic bomb dropped by America

 Ans.  August 6, 1945 AD

 23. Where did America drop the first atomic bomb

 Ans.  Hiroshima

 24. When did the atomic bomb fall on Nagasaki by the US

 Ans.  August 9, 1945 AD

 25. At what time was the United Nations established

 Ans.  After the second world war

 26. Who was the Prime Minister of England during World War II

 Ans.  Winston Churchill

 27. Who was the President of America at the time of World War II

 Ans.  Franklin D. Roosevelt

 28. Who is credited with Germany's defeat in World War II

 Ans.  To russia

 29. When did Japan invade Manchuria

 Ans.  In 1931

 30. Who was the thinker of the policy of brilliant secession in England

 Ans.  Salvation

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