Finland is ranked No.1 in the world in Education. What’s so great there!

 Finland is ranked No.1 in the world in Education. What’s so great there!

• A child goes to school there only at the age of 7. The torture does not start at 2 ½ as it is elsewhere.

• A child learns from each move that it comes across in this early age at home.

• From the age of 7 to 10 the child spends 50% of it’s time in school and the remaining as vacation.

• The school timings are also less and equal importance is given to Music, Arts and Sports too

• The schools there have relaxation rooms for the children to take rest if they feel tired.

• Until the age of 13 there is no grading and no report cards for students.

• If they parents are inquisitive of the child’s progress they can apply to know that.

• Since there is no grading there is no pressure on the student to compete.

• They are not given homework. Students can do their homework in the subject of their choice.

• A doctor stationed in each school monitors their health and advices.

• Only a maximum of 600 students are permitted in a school.

• There aren’t any private schools. All are Govt. run. There is equality in education for all.

• 99% of children in Finland get primary education.

• Students who hail from a country where there aren’t exams excel in competitive exams elsewhere.

• You may wonder ho this is possible. An UN research explains this…..

• UN does an annual research about the happiest children in the world. Finland stands first.

• Educationists from other countries flock to Finland to understand their system more.

• 1500 representatives from 56 countries go there every year.

• The country’s major foreign exchange comes from education tourism.

• A teachers job in Finland is like an IAS or IPS job here.

• The teachers there have a major stake in the laws and policies of the country.

• Every third child there wants to become a teacher. But it’s not so easy.

• Only students who excel are considered for this post. 

• They are given 5 years of Teacher Training, 6 months of Military training, One years of onsite teacher training, Training in the Laws and Policies, Fire service, Self Defense, First Aid. In total a 7 Year Training.

Thoughts to ponder:

• Don’t find fault in children. Don’t hesitate to appreciate when they do good.

• No one knows what a child can become. Keep encouraging them.

• Edison was considered dumb and thrown out of school.

• Louis Pastor was an average student in school.

• Einstein was considered an idiot in school.

• Talk to children daily about their goodness.

• Don’t compare a child with another.

• Talk about successful people to them.

• Instead of telling the how not to be tell them about how to be.

• Don’t curb them to the house

• Give them good examples and independence.

• If you talk to them about a bed of flower they’ll understand the path of thorns.

• Tell them about hardwork. They will get to know about laziness.

• When you tell them about successful people they will understand the reasons for failure

And for all this, we need a good governance.

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