Knowledge of Truth #Inspirational Moral Stories

Knowledge of Truth #Inspirational Moral Stories

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91. Knowledge of Truth

Once, a man sent his five sons in search of truth. After many years they returned. That time the man was going to die. He asked his sons, “Did you know what truth is?” His first son said, 'Yes' and started to recite the prayers of God. His second son started to give the example of the Upanishads. The third son started to give the lesson of the Vedas. His fourth son also said about many gods. But when the turn of the fifth son came, he didn't say anything. Father got up from his bed and again asked, but still he didn't say anything. Father again asked, “Did you know about truth or not?” But the son again remained silent. Then father closed his eyes and said, “One who knows, doesn't say anything, and one who doesn't know anything, says everything. I am happy that one of my sons has known about truth.” Saying this father became silent and said, “Now I can die peacefully.”

Moral: True knowledge is real, not fake.

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