The Best Person #Inspirational Moral Stories

The Best Person #Inspirational Moral Stories

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122. The Best Person

A prince was presented three dolls by a sage but this brought no exaltation to him. Rather, he was infuriated at the dolls and said to the sage that he was not a girl to be presented the dolls. The sage pacified him by saying that the dolls were for the future king who would have to take decisive steps in his life with his witty sense. Now he gave the prince a string to pass it through the hole of the ear of one of the dolls. The prince did so and found that it came out through the other side of the ear. Another string was given that came out of the mouth through the ear. The third string did not appear from anywhere else. The prince was perplexed. Then the sage described that the first doll represented a person who never retained anything. The second doll depicted the temperament of a person who was never loyal to his master. The third doll described a person who was indifferent to any views and thoughts. The sage further explained that the best person in the world is the one who accepts everything, speaks out when it is necessary, and pays attention to petty things.

Moral: To be trustworthy, a man must know when not to listen to petty things, when to remain silent and when to speak out.

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