Hard Labour #Inspirational Moral Stories

Hard Labour #Inspirational Moral Stories

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142. Hard Labour

Two very fast friends Som and Nero lived in a village. They both were farmers but one year a severe drought occurred in their part of the country. The rain had failed and only one way to irrigate their field was to join a stream through a canal by digging ground. Som, a very valiant person, determined to dug the ground till it was connected to the stream. Both friends Som and Nero started but Nero, being so capricious, went home when he was called for lunch. But when Som's wife came to call him for lunch, by rebuking he said, “I work the whole day so that you may be fed the whole year.” And he kept his hard labour up for three days. When the work was done of joining the canal through the stream he returned home and had dinner. His lifeless grains were again dancing with joy. Meanwhile, Nero's idleness drew him again to the field where all his crops were already dead.

Moral: Hard labour is always fruitful.

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