The Woodcutter and the Shepherd #Inspirational Moral Stories

The Woodcutter and the Shepherd #Inspirational Moral Stories

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145. The Woodcutter and the Shepherd

A deeply deaf shepherd was driving 11 sheep in a forest. Daily his wife bought meal for him but one day she didn't come. So to know about her welfare the shepherd hastily took departure for his house. Then he saw a woodcutter climbing on a tree whom he said to take care of his sheep. Unfortunately, the woodcutter was also deaf; he didn't understand his message and gave a negative answer by hand movement. But the shepherd thought that he agreed to care. When the shepherd returned, he counted his sheep and pleasingly gave a sheep of broken leg to the woodcutter as a gift. The woodcutter thought that the shepherd was abusing him for breaking the sheep's leg, so they both started to quibble over that, without understanding each other. Meanwhile, a saint was passing by; he understood the whole matter and pacified the situation and said to them to do their own work.

Moral: We only hear, whatever we want to hear.

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