The Hungry Fox #Inspirational Moral Stories

The Hungry Fox #Inspirational Moral Stories

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146. The Hungry Fox

Once upon a time, a ravenous fox was looking for something to eat. He worked too hard but couldn't find food. Finally, he went to the edge of the forest and searched there for food. Suddenly, he caught sight of a big tree with a hole in it. Seeing a package in the hole the fox jumped into the hole, thinking that there must be food in it. The fox became exhilarated to see a lot of food in that package. An old woodcutter had placed the food in the tree trunk while cutting trees in the forest. The fox happily demolished the food. After eating he felt thirsty, so he decided to leave the trunk and have some water from a nearby spring. The fox tried hard, but couldn't get out of the hole. Because of eating too much, he had become too big to come out of the hole. The fox became very sad and upset.

Moral: Before doing something we should think again and again.

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