1. Tulips for Mother #Inspirational Moral Stories

1. Tulips for Mother #Inspirational Moral Stories

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1. Tulips for Mother

Annie and her younger sister Diana sat looking outside the window. Annie said, "What shall we give to Mother? Today is Mother's Day. We have no money!" Her sister Diana replied, "Uncle Pop will pay us for every soda bottle we return to his shop. Let's collect bottles from the neighborhood. We will earn enough money to buy a gift." Annie said, "Good idea. Let's buy tulips. Mother loves them." The girls set off on their mission. They went to each house in their neighborhood and requested for the bottles. At the end of an hour, they had twenty bottles, all stacked neatly in a box. They gave the box to Uncle Pop, who gave them a handful of coins. The girls bought a bunch of tulips with the money and gave it to Mother. They told her everything. Mother said, "I'm so proud of you. Thank you for such a lovely gift."

MORAL: The moral of the story is that love, creativity, and thoughtfulness are more valuable than material gifts.

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