15. A Glass of Milk #Inspirational Moral Stories

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15. A Glass of Milk #Inspirational Moral Stories

Laura had taken up a part-time job to pay for her studies. She sold goods from door to door. One afternoon, Laura was feeling thirsty. She decided to ask for a glass of water when she reached the next house. When she rang the doorbell, a young lady opened the door. "Can I have a glass of water, please?" said Laura. The woman thought, 'This child must be tired and thirsty. A glass of water will not do.' So she brought her a large glass of milk. Laura thanked the woman and left. Many years later, Laura completed her studies. She was now a doctor. One day, a seriously ailing woman came to see Laura. It was the same woman who had given her a glass of milk many years ago! Laura cured the woman. When the woman asked for the bill, Laura wrote on it, "Paid with a glass of milk." 

Moral of the Story: The moral of the story is that small acts of kindness and generosity can have a lasting impact, and helping others when they are in need can create meaningful connections and gratitude.

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