16. The Mango Tree #Inspirational Moral Stories

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16. The Mango Tree #Inspirational Moral Stories

Evie had a mango orchard. One day, her neighbour, Elsa, asked her for a mango sapling. Evie was a kind woman. She gave Elsa a sapling. "Water it well and take good care of it," she said. But Elsa was a selfish woman. She thought, 'If I plant it in the garden, the passers-by will steal the fruit. If I plant it outside the bedroom, my children will steal the fruit. What shall I do?' After much thought, she planted it in a comer of her backyard where the sun did not shine. Soon, the sapling grew but didn't bear any fruit. Elsa went to Evie and said, "You had given me a barren tree! The tree did not bear any fruit." Evie replied, "You cannot reap a rich harvest by being mean and greedy." Elsa realised that she should be kind. She planted another sapling in the garden and watched it flourish.

Moral of the Story: The moral of the story is that kindness and generosity are rewarded, while selfishness and greed often lead to disappointment and barren outcomes.

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