101. Hare in the Garden #Inspirational Moral Stories

101. Hare in the Garden #Inspirational Moral Stories

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101. Hare in the Garden #Inspirational Moral Stories

 Lucy and Maggie were sisters. One day, they decided to have a picnic in the garden. "We forgot the juice and cupcakes," said Lucy. Then went into the house to get the juice and a tray full of cupcakes. But they peeked out of the window to find that the salad had disappeared. "Where is the salad?" asked Maggie. Lucy looked around, surprised. Then she said in a hushed tone, "There is a hare behind that bush. It's eating our salad." They watched as the hare nibbled at the lettuce and carrots. Lucy and Maggie grew fond of the hare. They always left a few scraps of vegetables for it every day. Months passed. One day, the hare peeped at them from behind a bush. Out came five little bunnies, jumping about in the grass. The girls were excited to see the babies. From then on, they would leave food for all of them near the bush.  

Moral of the Story: Kindness and sharing can lead to unexpected friendships and bonds with nature.

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