104. The Old Dress #Inspirational Moral Stories

104. The Old Dress #Inspirational Moral Stories

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104. The Old Dress #Inspirational Moral Stories

Every year Doreen's mother collected old clothes from everyone in the house. Then she would send them to the people who could not afford to buy clothes for themselves. One day, she asked Doreen to give away her favourite lace dress. Doreen was sad. She refused. Her mother said, "What will you do with it? It's too small for you. If you give it away while it's still in good condition, someone will wear it. Think of how happy you'll feel!" Doreen gave away the dress. Her mother pinned a note to the dress, along with her address, explaining that the dress was a gift from Doreen. Months later, Doreen received a card that read, "Thank you! Will you be my friend?" It was from a girl in Africa. Doreen was happy. She began to give her old dresses willingly and soon, she was friends with children all over the world!  

Moral of the Story: Generosity and kindness can lead to meaningful connections and friendships with people from different parts of the world.

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