144. The Rich Girl #Inspirational Moral Stories

144. The Rich Girl #Inspirational Moral Stories

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144. The Rich Girl #Inspirational Moral Stories

Once there was a poor girl, who loved a prince. Every day, she went to the forest to collect wood. Then she sold it at the marketplace. One day, when she was chopping wood, she heard someone crying for help. She followed the sound and came to a pond, where a fairy was drowning. She threw in a long stick and saved the fairy's life. The fairy said, ''A sorcerer pushed me into the lake with his evil powers, but you saved me. Ask for a wish and it shall be granted." The girl said, "I want to marry the prince." He fairy looked at the girl dressed in rags and said, "I will make the prince see your goodness and not your rags." The next day, the prince magically appeared in front of the girl and asked, "Will you marry me?" The girl agreed. The prince and the girl lived happily ever after.

Moral of the Story: The story emphasizes the importance of kindness and goodness over material wealth and appearances. It teaches that inner qualities are more important than outward appearances.

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