stories - A proud Lion - A to Z 2512


*Here is a story with a moral...👇*

Lion is a proud animal and one day he confronted a deer and asked, " Tell me, who is the king of the jungle? ". the shaking deer, said you are and ran away.

Another day, he confronted a buffalo and asked, " tell me, who is the king of the jungle? ", the scared buffalo, some how muttered, Boss, you are the king of the jungle and ran away.

Few days later, the proud lion, meets an elephant and asks the same question, the elephant looks at him for few seconds, grabs the lion by the tail, and hits him on the ground several times and looks at the lion.

The lion, gets up, dusts himself and says - " if you do not know the answer, why are you getting upset and angry ? "

Moral of the story -

1) -  weak people will always agree with you, even if you are wrong.

2) - many will get angry, if they do not understand the question or do not know the answers.

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