Illusion #Inspirational Moral Stories

Illusion #Inspirational Moral Stories

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87. Illusion

Once, a saint called his disciple with whom the saint was very enchanted. He took him to a dense forest. At a certain place, he stopped and said the disciple to dig the ground. After digging a few feet down, he found a casket. The saint said, “Inside this there is Parasmani stone that can turn any ordinary metal into precious gold if touched and that is yours now.” The disciple being so learnt, thought that if there would have been any relevancy of what the saint said, the iron casket would have been changed into gold. Musing this he threw the casket, but as he returned back where he found the casket, it had been turned into gold. It was coated with cloth inside it that restricted the contact of the casket to the stone. Regretting his deed he started searching for the stone that had lost in dry leaves when he threw the casket. He wore a gloomy face.

Moral: Crying over spilt milk is futile.

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