The Internet does not Matter Much #Inspirational Moral Stories

The Internet does not Matter Much #Inspirational Moral Stories

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88. The Internet does not Matter Much

Once an HR manager of a company interviewed a jobless boy who had applied for the position of office boy and asked him to clean the floor as a test. The manager hired him and asked his e-mail address. Just as he said that he didn't have any computer or E-mail address, the manager threw the boy out of the office saying that no e:mail meant no existence and without existence he couldn't have a job. Then the boy went to the supermarket with ₹10 in pocket and bought 10 kg tomatoes. Then he sold them. Within two hours, he succeeded to double his capital. He repeated the operation and within two years, his money increased from which he bought a cart, then a truck, and then started his own fleet of delivery vehicles. Five years later, he became one of the biggest food retailers in the US and started to plan his family's future. He decided to have life insurance policies. An insurance broker shocked to know, without e-mail, he succeeded in life.

Moral: Scarcities embellish you.

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