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89. Invitation

Once, a lady invited three long-bearded men named Wealth, Love and Success, who were sitting in front of her house. Although she didn't recognize them yet she said to come inside for a meal. Since her husband was not at home, so they denied to go inside. When her husband came, the woman invited them again. But they replied that they never visit anywhere together and asked whom she wanted to invite. The lady said 'Wealth', but her husband wanted 'Success'. Their daughter-in-law was listening from the corner of the house and she came with her own suggestion and asked 'Love to be invited in. The woman went out and asked 'Love to come in, but got amazed to see that ‘Wealth and ‘Success' also went inside the home with ‘Love'. Then she said, “I only invited 'Love', not all.” They replied, “Since you invited 'Love', so we will also go with him. Wherever there is 'Love', there are also ‘Wealth and ‘Success'.”

Moral: Love brings wealth and success.

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