The Tree that Lived for others #Inspirational Moral Stories

The Tree that Lived for others #Inspirational Moral Stories

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147. The Tree that Lived for others

Once upon a time, there were two trees in a forest. One tree was very generous in sharing its fruits with birds and other creatures. The other tree, being of the opposite nature, was very selfish. Finally, in a couple of years the selfish tree lost all its leaves and became thin and weak. The other tree, unselfish as ever, kept growing and bore fruit aplenty. By now, the selfish tree had realized that the cause of its plight was its selfishness. It soon became unselfish and began inviting birds and other creatures with a smile. Before long, it grew in health and became bountiful like the other tree.

Moral: However capable or intelligent one may be, one grows only with others.

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