End of the Evil Mind #Inspirational Moral Stories

End of the Evil Mind #Inspirational Moral Stories

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148. End of the Evil Mind

There was a cruel king who always believed in persecuting his subjects and expanding his status with the money which was for the welfare of his subjects. One day, to their utter amazement, the subjects found the king to be intensely benevolent and benign. The president asked the king about his transformation. Thereupon the king stated that once he was going through the forest. He noticed a fox was being chased by a hound. Ultimately, the hound bit in the fox's leg. Meanwhile, a passer-by threw a heavy stone at the hound. It broke the hound's leg. Now it was the turn of the passer-by who was kicked by a horse when he was returning to his house. The horse lost its balance and fell down into a pit. That day he realized that bad things are cursed with bad mishap for sure. Immersed in deep thought, the king did not see the steps in front of him and fell down, breaking his neck.

Moral: Bad things have a bad effect.

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