18. A Spell Goes Wrong #Inspirational Moral Stories

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18. A Spell Goes Wrong #Inspirational Moral Stories

Once there was a witch. She had two assistants named Connie and Lennie. Both were-naughty. Once, the witch had to attend the Monthly Witches' Conference. "Keep away from the cauldron," she said, before flying away on her broomstick. The girls watched as she whooshed past the trees and shot up into the sky. They opened the witch's spell book. Water was boiling in the cauldron. Connie read a spell. She put some old gloves and a pair of dead lizards into the cauldron. Just then, Lennie said, "The spell calls for socks, not gloves. The spell has gone wrong!" Suddenly, a cloud of grey smoke flew towards Connie and her nose grew large, like that of an elephant. Lennie searched the book and read, "To right a wrong spell, thou shalt be good." The girls gave up their mischievous ways. Soon, Connie's elephant nose fell off and she got back her nose.   

Moral of the Story: The moral of the story is that true happiness is not solely dependent on material possessions but also on experiencing the beauty of nature, freedom, love, and closeness to the natural world.

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