19. The Sack of Life #Inspirational Moral Stories

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19. The Sack of Life #Inspirational Moral Stories

One morning, Rachel was playing in the garden. Her father came there with a huge sack and said, "Let's play a game. Fill this sack with pebbles." When Rachel had filled the sack, he asked her, "Is the sack full?" Rachel said, "Yes, Papa!" Then he shook the sack and asked her to fill it with stones. The stones entered the empty spaces between the pebbles. Then Rachel's father asked her, "Is the sack full?" She said, "Yes!" Her father shook the sack again and asked her to pour some sand. The sand filled the empty spaces between the stones. Her father said, "If we had put in the sand first, there would have been no space for the pebbles and the stones. Love, friendship, courage and morality are the important aspects of life. The rest is just sand. Choose carefully." Rachel had learnt a valuable lesson that day.  

Moral of the Story: The moral of the story is that in life, it's essential to prioritize and value the important aspects like love, friendship, courage, and morality, as these fill the meaningful spaces in our lives, while material or less significant things are like "sand" that can fill the gaps but don't hold the same importance.

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