20. The Minister's Pictures #Inspirational Moral Stories

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20. The Minister's Pictures #Inspirational Moral Stories

Once there was a king whose minister was a talented artist. He could paint realistic portraits. People believed that his pictures came to life at night. When the king's favourite horse was stolen, he asked the minister to paint its picture. The next day, the minister said, "Your Majesty, your horse is stuck in a ditch by the riverside." The king ordered his guards to fetch the horse. Sure enough, they found it. At night, the king tiptoed into the minister's garden and peeped into his room. His minister was speaking to a girl's portrait. The king was awestruck. He asked, "Who is she?" The minister rushed out to meet the king. "She is my daughter. I speak to her whenever I am lonely." "How did you get these magical powers?" asked the king. ''A saint blessed me many years ago. Since then, I paint pictures to help others," he said.   

Moral of the Story: The moral of the story is that talents and abilities should be used for the benefit and well-being of others, and sometimes, unexpected talents can bring about positive outcomes.

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