146. The Wise Queen #Inspirational Moral Stories

146. The Wise Queen #Inspirational Moral Stories

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146. The Wise Queen #Inspirational Moral Stories

King Philip was counting his days. He had been ill for a long time and the royal doctor failed to cure him. He was old and weak. But more than his death, the king was worried about what would happen to his kingdom after his death, because he had not chosen an heir to the throne. The king had three daughte-rs. He wanted to test them to determine who would make a good ruler after him. So he told them, "Whoever among you fills my bedroom with something valuable shall become the Queen." The first daughter filled the room t  C>b'  Sa  with gold coins, while the second daughter .....    filled the room with silk. But the king was not pleased. The third daughter entered the room with a little lamp and placed it in the middle of the room. The lamp spread light in the whole room and the king was happy. "You shall be the queen," he smiled.

Moral of the Story: The story conveys that wisdom and practicality are more valuable than material wealth. It highlights the importance of making thoughtful decisions and choosing leaders based on their ability to bring light and positive change to a kingdom or society.

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