147. The Small Cage #Inspirational Moral Stories

147. The Small Cage #Inspirational Moral Stories

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147. The Small Cage #Inspirational Moral Stories

Melanie and Maria were fond of pets. One day, they went to the pet shop and bought m._   • a pair of hamsters. But the shopkeeper put the hamsters in a small cage. The hamsters hardly had any room to play. So Melanie and Maria opened the cage every day and let the hamsters play around the house. But they had to keep following the little critters, because the house was too big for them. One day, one of the hamsters got wounded. Their father bandaged the hamster's wound and said, "You should take good care of your pets and protect them." The girls told their father that there was no room for them in the small cage. Their father bought a huge cage in which the hamsters could play all day. "What shall we do with the small cage?" asked Maria. Melanie said, "We shall light little lamps in it and keep it in the balcony!"   

Moral of the Story: The story emphasizes the importance of providing adequate space and care for pets. It encourages responsible pet ownership and highlights the need to ensure the well-being of animals.

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