149. The Wallet #Inspirational Moral Stories

149. The Wallet #Inspirational Moral Stories

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149. The Wallet #Inspirational Moral Stories

Michelle was an honest girl. One day, while walking home from school, she found a briefcase on the pavement. She picked it up and opened it. There was some money in it, along with the name and address of the owner. She looked around and thought, 'Should I leave it here or should I return it? What if someone steals the money? I should return it.' She took the briefcase home. The next day, Michelle went to the address along with her father. An old man answered the door. When Michelle returned the briefcase, the man was happy. He said, "You shall make your parents proud, my child!" Then he turned to her father and said, "It's good to know that kind and honest people still exist." Then he went in and brought a chocolate and a new Frisbee, and gave it to Michelle. Michelle was happy with the gifts.   

Moral of the Story: The story highlights the importance of honesty and integrity. It teaches us that it is always the right choice to return lost items to their rightful owners, even when it might be tempting to keep them.

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