148. The Boat Race #Inspirational Moral Stories

148. The Boat Race #Inspirational Moral Stories

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148. The Boat Race #Inspirational Moral Stories

Once there was a wise and generous queen. Her chief advisor had retired and she was searching for a suitable replacement. Two girls, Daisy and Ellen, went to meet the Queen. They expressed their desire to become her chief advisor. Daisy was brave and intelligent,. but Ellen was lazy and foolish. But the Queen did not know this. So she said, "I will have a contest to decide which one of you is worthy of the post." A boat race was organised the next day. Daisy   and Ellen got into their boats and set sail. When they reached the middle of the river, they saw something moving under the surface. "There's a monster!" cried Ellen and she rushed back to the shore. But Daisy carried on. She fished out a ball and finished the race. The Queen said, "I had the ball placed in the river to test your skills. Daisy shall be my chief advisor."

Moral of the Story: The story teaches us that bravery and intelligence are valuable qualities, and they are often more important than laziness and foolishness. It encourages us to face challenges with courage and determination.

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