150. Wedding Bells #Inspirational Moral Stories

150. Wedding Bells #Inspirational Moral Stories

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150. Wedding Bells #Inspirational Moral Stories

Princess Madeline had many good qualities. She was well educated, brave and honest. She was in  lligent too. One day, her parents told her that she would be engaged to Prince Hamilton. But the princess did not like the idea, because everyone knew that Hamilton was vain and arrogant. When she told her parents about this, they said, "We think he will make an ideal partner for  you,  because he is handsome." The princess was in a fix. When the prince came to meet her, she told him, "My parents like you. But you are proud and arrogant. How can I marry you?" The prince was amazed at her honesty. He said, "No one has   hr,. pointed out my flaws to me. I shall be a better  -- person." With time, Madeline noticed that Hamilton had become humble. She started liking him. Then they got married. Everyone was happy for them.

Moral of the Story: The story teaches us the importance of honesty and the value of self-improvement. It shows that being honest about one's flaws and working to become a better person can lead to positive change and stronger relationships.

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