151. Hazel and Jessica #Inspirational Moral Stories

151. Hazel and Jessica #Inspirational Moral Stories

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151. Hazel and Jessica #Inspirational Moral Stories

Hazel and Jessica were best friends. One day, Hazel told Jessica, "I have always wanted \/  to go to the beach. I want to swim in the sea. Let's go there." But Jessica replied, "We don't know how to swim. I Besides, we are too young to swim in the sea all alone. Let's go there with our parents." Hazel said, "No. My parents never allow me to swim in the sea. If you don't come with me, I will go alone." Then Hazel rode away on her bicycle. Jessica went to Hazel's parents and told them what had happened. They all rushed to the beach, just in time to save Hazel from being carried out to the  1 sea by the rough waves. f Hazel's father said, "We will come to the beach once you learn how to swim. Listen to us, because we care for  you."  Hazel  always listened to her parents.                   

      Moral of the Story: The story teaches us the importance of listening to and following the advice of parents or trusted adults, especially in matters of safety.

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