The Superstitious Stag Family #Inspirational Moral Stories

The Superstitious Stag Family #Inspirational Moral Stories

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149. The Superstitious Stag Family

Once, a father stag, a mother stag and their baby stag had gone for an outing, in a jungle. All of a sudden, the antlers of the father stag got caught in the overhanging branches of a tree. The stag struggled hard, but could not free himself. Now the father stag started cursing his fate that how unlucky he was. Next morning, a woodcutter who came along saw the stag with his antlers entangled with the branches. Soon, the woodcutter set the stag free. On reaching home the stag was shocked to see that lions had attacked their area, the previous day. Many friends of the stag were killed. But he and his family were saved.

Moral : Don't be superstitious.

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